Our Parkland Soccer Club 2008 Girls Answering the question, How to make our schools safe?
Our Future…Voice of Change…Empowerment…..Inclusiveness…Values…Leadership…Teamwork

Lori Alhadeff is generously offering any Parkland Soccer Club Girls a unique opportunity to remember and honor Alyssa Alhadeff by inviting the girls to apply for The Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssaScholarship. This year, the girls were invited to
create a 45 second or less Public Service Announcement. Answering the question, How to make our schools safe?

The Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssa Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Alyssa and all for which she stood. The candidate in question should not only exhibit academic and athletic strength, but also exemplify effective communication and leadership among his or her peers and the community.

Alyssa's future had once been bright and full of promise. The recipient of this scholarship must possess and embody all that was found in Alyssa Alhadeff...academic fortitude, athletic rigor, and a spirited and influential character.

The award, which will be announced the week of February 14th, is intended to help defray the costs of travel soccer, and can be used to offset 2019-2020 club dues, tournament entry fees and related travel expenses.