Directors Update | March 25

We trust all is well and everyone is staying healthy.  We just wanted to pass along some updates and information.  You should have received this from your team coach and/or manager, but in case you missed it! 



  • As you all know, FYSA announced that suspension we are suspended from play until April 12th.  
  • That remains in place, and we will continue to communicate with you on updates throughout this process.
  • We will rely on expert public health advice from organizations like the CDC, NIH and WHO in making this decision on when we are cleared to play.

Free Health Call In-Line:

  • Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital & Memorial Healthcare System has offered Parkland Soccer Players FREE virtual appointments via the MemorialDocNow app in an effort to provide healthcare services to the community during this time.  

On-Line Resources:

  • In the meantime, as we are all adjusting to virtual school, working from home, and getting the kids on a routine, we are providing you with videos, written workouts, assignments, and other information that the players can use to keep up to date with their soccer workouts and learning.  
  • The information is all available at the website.    You can click on the box labeled, “Skills”, for example and watch skill moves that your player can work on.
  • The weekly Assignments and Workouts are downloadable in .pdf.   We will continue to update on a weekly basis.  Some coaches may also have assigned different projects for their players as well.  

Consistent Routine:

  • We recommend that the training and activities be done on a consistent routine, for example daily from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm.  Players are encouraged to keep a journal of their activities.

Webinars | On-line Video Chats:

  • We have met virtually with the PSC coaching staff.  
  • Coaches will be reaching out to teams should be organizing a chat, and talking to the players.  Some teams have initiated the chats via Zoom, an on-line communication tool, in an effort to keep our players engaged. 
  • Some have choose Team Snap and text messages as well.  

Share With us | Let's Stay Connected:

  • Please share your video, assignment, and activities that your players submit so that we can all share and stay connected. 
The PSC coaching staff are available for anything you may need, if players need to talk or need anything, please don’t hesitate to let us know.   We are all in this together.