October Directors Update

PSC Teams Showing Style and Growth

It's early in the season but we super proud of the players and teams that have embraced the clubs style of play and philosophies. Our teams have shown quality play, earned good results, and improved significantly in the first two months of the season.

We have observed our PSC U9-U14teams in the Palm Beach early season, PSC U11-18 NPL teams in Florida NPL run by US Club Soccer, and our PSC teams that participate in South Florida United Soccer League (SFUYSA). We have also observed PSC teams at early tournament events at Disney Qualifier, and United Soccer Cup this fall.

It is great to see we are off and running with some great results earned with style.  "It's very clear that our teams and players are trained with the same game model when you watch the similarities between the style of play across all of the age groups - beginning  with the concepts and principles express in our Clubwide curriculum," said Director Roger Thomas.  "It's also very clear that our possession-based and decision-making oriented style of play is very different than the philosophy of our opponents in almost every game."

Our PSC teams are starting to show a great understanding of space and time and numbers. With the confidence to play in a large attacking shape, our PSC teams are become aware of how to open up opposing teams and they are starting to recognize how to use that space with playing principles such as finding gaps between lines, dribbling to create numerical advantages,switching the point of attack and combination play, and finishing

It has been a good challenge for the our PSC players and teams to play out of the back against high pressure and to go through each third of the field. We believe this challenge will promote sound individual thinking and quick skill execution which will make better players in the long term.

“The direct play of the opponents in these games maximizes their effectiveness short-term, but doesn't do much to promote individual thinking long-term. In the meantime, it will help us become more and more accustomed to solving pressure."

We are proud of the growth in style of play we have seen so far. We can see that our players are growing in the quality of their thought, and they are showing the ability to execute at a better and better level.  It is great to see our players and teams making progress in their game, and doing so trying to play a game of thought and creativity."

Great Job PSC players, coaches and teams, keep up the good work!

Tournament Success!

Congratulations to the Parkland Soccer Club teams that competed in the United Soccer Cup, Sept. 22-23, 2018.  PSC dominated the United Soccer Cup! 

  • 2009 Boys Red:  Champions
  • 2008 Boys Red: Champions
  • 2007 Boys White: Champions
  • 2008 Boys White: Finalists
  • 2008 Girls Red: Finalists
  • 2009 Girls Red: Finalists

2009 Boys White

2009 Boys Red: Champions

2008 Boys White: Finalists

2008 Boys Red: Champions 2008 Girls Red: Finalists

2009 Girls Red: Finalists

Upcoming Tournaments: 

West Pines Soccer Tournamnet

Pre-Thanksgiving Gold Cup Tournament, Nov. 3-4, 2018 (Tradewinds Park)

Disney Showcase

Girls:  October 5-7, 2018

  • 2003 Girls 

Boys: October 12-14, 2018

  • 2003 Boys White
  • 2005 Boys Red
  • 2006 Boys Red
  • 2010 Boys Red
  • 2010 Boys White
  • 2009 Boys Red
  • 2009 Boys White
  • 2008 Boys White
  • 2008 Boys Navy
  • 2007 Boys White
  • 2007 Boys Navy
  • 2006 Boys White
  • 2005 Boys White
  • 2009 Girls Red
  • 2009 Girls White
  • 2008 Girls Red
  • 2008 Girls White
  • 2007 Girls 
  • 2006 Girls

Parkland will send three teams to the distinguished College Showcase at Disney.  Girls will play in November and the Boys in December....Congratulations to the teams for being accepted into the Showcase.

  • 2003 Red Boys  "Disney Qualifier Champions"
  • 2004 Boys 
  • 2003 Girls





Congratulations to Cailey Katz (2004) and Grace Kean (2005) for being selected to attend the upcoming United States Training Center (US TC).  Keep up  the great work girls! 



Congratulations to multipe PSC players that made it to the Second Round of the Florida Olympic Development Program (ODP) from the 2007 Boys and 2007 girls.  


Congratulations to Coach Jon and Coach Cristian for completing their USSF 'D' Licenses.  

Email your teams weekend pictures and videos to rlcsoccermanagement@gmail.com. Remember to review the PSC social media guidelines.

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH:  Special Thanks to our Ryan Block, Club Registrar, and our Amazing Team of Managers for all their hard work and dedication and efforts to get all the players registered, league games scheduled and teams ready to go for the tournaments! 

Upcoming Parent Engagement Meeting!  These meetings are to inform educate our parents on various soccer topics.  Please join us.... October 23rd Terramar Park Near Restrooms.  The Topic isMindset” 

  • U9-U10 Oct. 23 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
  • U11-U13 Oct. 23 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
  • U14 & Up Oct. 23 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Speed, Agility and Technical Training was a success!  This is a great way to maximize the players fitness levels and to enhance their individual technique prepare them for the winter season! Check your Team Snap for the next Speed & Agility session for your age group.

League Links (click on the League Link below)

Palm Beach Early Soccer League (PBSL)

South Florida United Youth Soccer Association (SFUYSA)

Florida State Premier League (FSPL)

Florida National Premier League (FNPL)

Non-Resident Sports Card

Individuals residing outside of the City of Parkland must purchase a non-resident sports card in order to participate in all City of Parkland Sports Organizations.  The cost for the non-resident sports card is $172.00 and covers all members of a family. As of January 5, 2015, the Sports Card will be valid from July to July.  LINK to Application (Should be submitted to at the City of Parkland Recreation and Enrichment Center)http://www.cityofparkland.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/11304

PSC Numbering System explained

What in the world is the number 5 position?

There were blank stares from many of the PSC soccer parents in the group at PSC Coaches and parent meeting last week at Terramar Park.

You could almost hear them silently begging Coach Roger, “PLEEEASE, don’t call on me.”  Some in the group were cautiously hopeful they knew the answers, and, it was obvious from their level of engagement that a handful were feeling confident and excited because they had been taught the soccer numbers – the numbering system – from their PSC club coaches.

This was the scene at a Terramar Park , Parkland when Coach Roger, leading the session, started talking soccer tactics and quizzing parents on the numbering system that PSC has adopted.  Based on the response of the group of PSC parents, he was prepared to layer in the player numbering system on his Tactics board and the associated traits to each position interms of Atletic,personality, tactical,technical traits . It was good training and education for PSC parents on the game positions.

A standard numbering system for positions and their roles provides a concise and common method of communicating technical information about individual and team play.  These same tags can be applied to any system and adapted to all levels of play. 

So, what are the PSC soccer Numbers as they relate to the positions and what are some basic characteristics of each?

1 Goalkeeper

Technically proficient

Solid technical passing abilities

Strong distribution decisions

Gifted athlete

2&3 Outside Backs (Right & Left)

Ability to play great long service

Strong at defending 1 vs. 1

Speedy player able to cover ground on the flanks

Solid technical passing abilities


4&5 Center Backs (Left & Right)

Consistent players who are organizers and leaders

Tall and Strong

Ability to cover ground – especially laterally and vertically

Technically strong defensively

Strong tackler

Strong in the air

6 Defensive Midfielder

High work rate

Ability to keep the ball (vision and technical passing)

Tactically astute

Strong in air

Strong tackler


8 Center Midfielder

Endless work rate – speed and endurance

Good leadership and organization

Creative playmaker

Good in air

Long range finishing ability

Ability to provide defensive pressure


7&11 Winger (Right & Left)

Very fit

High Work Rate

Ability to make long runs and recover

Strong 1 vs 1 attacking ability

Flank service

Long range shooting


10 Attacking Center Midfielder

Finishing ability

Clinical passing in final third to create scoring opportunities

Strong 1 vs 1 in final third

Makes play predictable through putting pressure on defense


9 Forward

Ability to play with back to the goal

Creativity and technical finishing abilities

Strong and tough

The introduction of the numbering system to our PSC coaching and player education is a step in the right direction.  And we want our parents also gain an understanding of the numbering system so that we are all on the same page as far as the positions criteria we want to see develop in our players.

Congratulations to Lori Alhadeff, who won a seat on the Broward County School Board.  Thank you for being the voice of change.  Our Parkland community supports and loves you, Lori and the Alhadeff Family... You Did It! Congratulations!  #LiveforAlyssa #playfor8.

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Upcoming Club Payment is December 1, 2018 

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