The Club

Parkland Soccer Club is committed to providing the Parkland area with an effective and dynamic soccer club. We are proud to announce the creation of a brand new youth development structure in Parkland. The new competitive club structure was launched on May 27, 2015, and has Six Fundamental Principles:

  1. Increase the number and quality players in the Club; make Parkland competitive Soccer Club a club of Choice.
  2. Create more coaching and playing time.
  3. Improve coaching provision.
  4. Implement a system of effective measurement and quality assurance.
  5. Positively influence strategic support from the community into our Club system, demonstrating value to our Community partners.
  6. Seek to implement significant gains in every aspect of player development.

Vision for the Travel Program

To provide our club and community with a pathway to compete consistently to reach the next level.

Vision for the PSC Travel Players

To produce more technical and innovative players with exceptional decision making skills.

Vision for the Travel Soccer Coaches

To train, develop, qualify and support the PSC Coaching Staff to be excellent teachers of the game.


  • To provide an inclusive environment that is physically and psychologically safe for all ages to enjoy at appropriate competitive levels the world’s greatest game of soccer.
  • To provide our top players an environment that challenges them with opportunities to grow and compete on a Regional/National levels and prepare them for their future…including the collegiate competition.
  • To provide an environment that develops the five pillars of the game: physical, psychological, tactical, technical and lifestyle.
  • Rigerous coaching development that aligns with athlete development
  • Coordination and integration within the club to maximize the efficency and effectiveness of our environment.
  • Parents as a key environmental success factor

Guiding Principles

  • Develop the person, and then the player.
  • Player-centered decision-making process.
  • Individual development before the team development.
  • Focus on long-term development.  The journey requires patience, detail, understanding, and supplicated play.
  • Systematic approach to player development.
  • Allow creativity, spontaneity, and experimentation that the game of soccer naturally provides.
  • A high commitment to coaching education.

Value Statement

  • Creating a value based environment driven by our mission which is to use the game as a tool to optimize our capacities.
  • Build Safety, Share Process, and have a Purpose.