Message from PSC Director of Soccer Operations

June 3, 2015

Welcome Everyone to the 2015-2016 season.  We’re very excited with the rejuvenated programs that we’re offering this season.  As you know we’ve restructured the club and I want everyone to understand that player development is the most important factor that will drive our club’s decision making going forward. 
We intend to use technical, physical, psychosocial, and tactical components as the four pillars of our player developmental pathway. These represent the foundation that we will drive our player’s developmental pathway and will represent the club’s new philosophy / foundation.  With these exciting changes we do anticipate questions and concerns.  As a result we have put together three meetings.  We’re going to do a parent education meeting, player seminars, and individual team meetings so everyone is informed on the processes and stages and our focus on player development.
In the first meeting on Friday, June 5th, we will focus on highlighting our player development platform and how we plan to implement it.  
In the second meeting, we will focus on the curriculum for specific age groups.  
The third meeting,  will be a team meeting where the coach will discuss their expectations of players, parents, and themselves; review policies involving players and parents; let parents know how to best communicate; outline schedule for the year and review other team matters.  
The second and third meetings will be held at the end of August.
We are very excited with what we are embarking and the future and development of the players within this program.
Roger Thomas
Director of Soccer Operations