PSC Travel Policy

PSC Travel Policy

2021-2022 Notice:  Below is the general PSC Travel Policy. 

  1. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are brought to all games and accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during team travel. 

  1. PSC (including the Travel Leadership Committee, coaching staff and management company) are not responsible for ensuring that your child is taken to/from any games or supervised at any team event, overnight stay or during transit to/from games. 

  1. Transportation coordination

    1. You may wish to coordinate with other parents to provide group transportation for your team to an event.  This is permitted.  However, coaches and other club personnel are expressly prohibited from any of the following:

    1. coordinating group transportation

    1. driving any team vehicle (rented car, minivan or passenger van) to transport players

    1. supervising players while in any location other than the soccer fiel

    1. Travel budgets should be established that are fair and reasonable but that also take into account unforeseen circumstances. All monies should be collected prior to the event, and “back charging” afterward by parents or coaches should be avoided at all costs. 

    1. While PSC teams can coordinate group travel, under no circumstances will a player or his/her family be required to participate, whether riding in a team van or staying in group accommodations.  It is the choice of each family whether to participate in group travel, subject to tournament rules that require stay at a particular venue as a condition of participating in a tournament.

    1. It is recommended that a Parents/Players Meeting be held before any trip for which parents wish to plan travel together.  All details involved should be discussed including expectations of players (and parents) while traveling.

    1. It is recommended that, as a minimum, the following be taken into consideration for each event (e.g., tournaments, away games, etc.) that the team has selected and is planning to travel to:
      • Airfare
      • Lodging
      • Ground Transportation
      • Meals
      • Miscellaneous Expenses
      • Coaching Subsidy
      • Forms (e.g., Medical Release)