Game Day Expectations

Game Day Expectations

The following information details Parkland Soccer Club’s match philosophy and expectations as it relates to the role of the player, coach, and parent.

Important Match Day Considerations

Club must encourage players, coaches and parents to honor the game collectively by adopting a player-centered philosophy.

  • Youth soccer games should be viewed in a different context to professional games. The main focus in a professional soccer game is to win.  In youth soccer, the main focus needs to be fun and development; winning will be a byproduct.
  • Unlike many American sports, soccer is not a coach-centered sport; the game is free flowing with limited stoppages in play.  Once a player crosses the white line, it is their game and they must make their own technical and tactical decisions.  The coach’s decisions are more strategic.
  • Match day is a players chance to put into action what they have learned from practice.  It is purely an extension of the training session where transfer of learning should occur.
  • Players who are over-coached during practice and matches will become robotic and will not be able to make critical game decisions on their own. If the coaches are doing all the talking, the players won’t communicate.

Creating a Game Day Culture

On game days, the interaction between the following groups should be considered:

  • Team Coaches
  • Opponents
  • Parents
  • Officials

The following tables provide suggested interaction guidelines between each party. If followed, a player-centered culture of respect should be created.

(1) Parents


(2) Players