Parkland soccer club creates a learning opportunity for its players to learn from each other

Parkland Soccer Club successfully launched its Play for 8 Mentoring program for all of our players. In partnership with Make Our Schools Safe, this programs pairs older players "Bigs" with younger players "Littles" to help expand relationships and give our older players and opportunity to mentor and help their littles. Our expectation is that the bond created through this program helps our players learn about working together, problem solving and the value of being good listeners and supporters of each other. We look for these interactions to expand beyond the soccer field, so that it is not only related to soccer training but also an opportunity for school activities, like tutoring, and other extracurricular activities, etc.


We had great success with this initiative when we did it in the girls program in previous years, we are excited to now expand it to all of our players.

"The Play For 8 Mentorship Program helps bring athletes together while honoring Alyssa Alhadeff's memory through the power of mentorship and positive connections.", Lori Alhadeff, Founder of Make Our Schools Safe

We are proud to be a part of this initiative, an to give opportunities to our players to further expand their skills, not only through the game of soccer but also beyond from the fields. After all, the game of soccer is much more that kicking a ball, the game of soccer resembles life.